People chowed down at the Texas Cowboy Reunion cook-off in Stamford Saturday.

The chuck-wagon food fest was a standout in a fun-filled day of Texas traditions. Keith Middleton and his "Broken Spur" chuck-wagon has been entering in the competition for the last 15 years.

"There is nothing better than these kinds of cook-offs," Middleton said. "They're good people. They're willing to help you with a hand or give you a cup of sugar if you need it. If you run out of dish soap or something, they're always there to help. If a fire gets out of control, they'll all come running you know."

This year Middleton was one of three cooks serving up chicken fried steak, potatoes, gravy, bread and peach cobbler. Middleton said the numbers of people attending was scaled down, but it's the warm reception from taste testers that keeps him coming back.

"When you feed the people," Middleton said, "the people that come up, a lot of times they'll come back and tell you how good it is or how you did that."

Out-of-towner Jamie Johnson said, "There are food trucks now sort of everywhere you turn on your t.v. and so this is sort of the original food truck. It's an opportunity to see a slice of Texas history as people back in the Wild Wild West once did and of course also for the food."

Middleton said winning the cook-off would be nice, but it's not what motivates him.

"To win some money, I mean that helps you get on down the road to the next cook-off or something, but to have somebody come back and tell me how much they enjoy my cobbler or its the best they ever, for me that gives me a certain pride," Middleton said. 

Middleton and his "Broken Spur" chuck-wagon  won first place in the cobbler cook-off and second place overall.