‘Cindy,' a Chacoan Peccary, has died at the Abilene Zoo

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene Zoo lost an endangered animal – its Chacoan Peccary – to cancer this week.

"She was the last of her species here at the zoo, and she will not be replaced," zoo spokeswoman Kelly Thompson said Friday in an email.

Almost 17 years old, the pig – known as “Cindy” – had been “demonstrating behavioral changes regarding diet, which tipped off animal keepers that her health had changed.”

“A medical exam confirmed the pig had developed mammary cancer and was experiencing kidney failure,” zoo officials said in a news release. “These diseases would require drastic medical intervention, and considering her advanced age, treatment wasn’t an option.”

Bill Gersonde, the zoo’s executive director, said the kindest thing to do under the circumstances was put the animal to sleep..

“It’s always difficult for us to lose an animal, but we strive to do what’s best in each situation,” Gersonde said. “We can’t let the animal live in discomfort. Euthanasia was the kindest option.”

The vacated space in the Elm Creek Backyard, which housed “Cindy,” will now feature the zoo’s two Sandhill Cranes.

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