City of Abilene to work on improving storm drainage system

City of Abilene working on improving...

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene City Council says it’s ready to tackle a Stormwater Drainage Master Plan in the coming months.

Last Thursday, the city approved a proposal to recommend changes to the city’s current drainage system. HDR Engineering Inc. out of Fort Worth will review the current city ordinances, and the potential dangers of flooding in the city. The company will also come up with a plan to reduce flooding.

Abilene Director of Public Works Michael Rice said the current system allows rain runoff to filter into the streets and direct the water to Lake Fort Phantom Hill. However, the challenge is when there is too much rain and the creeks overflow, spreading water into the streets.

"The policies we have in place are good and they help keep the flooding from getting worse,” Rice said. “What staff is attempting to do is not just to have a status quo, not how can we keep it from getting worse, but how we can make it better for the future."

The project will cost the city $200,000 and will come from funding for Stormwater Services, Rice said. The fund is supplied by a fee in residents’ monthly water bill.


Rice said in October the city had increased rainfall that allowed the city to finally save up enough money to move forward in executing the project. HDR Engineering Inc. will have a couple of months to approach the city with a recommendation.

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