WEINERT, Texas -

Residents of Weinert, in Haskell County, are being asked to cut water usage by 50 percent as the city implements Stage 5 water restrictions.

This includes no outdoor watering, no car, truck or equipment washing, and no filling of pools.

Folks we spoke to are also finding ways to cut back indoors and out.

Doris Walker says "inside I'm trying not to wash as much in the washing machine, no dishwasher."

Her husband, Jerry Walker, is a farmer. He says he's also feeling the effects of the new water restrictions.

"We can't use it anymore for spraying the fields, so we're rigging up to pull out of the stock tanks and get water out of there" he says.

The road ahead may be a rough one but the people of Weinert are confident that the city will take care of them.

"Our city council and our city workers are working really hard trying to get a plan together to get us on some more water to mix with the aquifer water" says Brenda Sanders, a Weinert resident.

The City of Weinert tells KTXS that they're awaiting construction of a pipeline that will connect the town to a new water source.

The new source wasn't specified but the plan is to use it to supplement the water that the town already uses.