Clint Dunn Says He Thinks Billie Wouldn't Hurt Their Daughter

COLORADO CITY, Texas - Hailey Dunn?s father said Wednesday that he doesn?t believe his estranged wife Billie Dunn would have hurt their daughter.

Clint Dunn responded to questions after a KTXS News story Tuesday night that provided details of law enforcement findings in affidavits that were used to secure search warrants in the case.

The affidavits revealed a list of inconsistencies in statements from Billie Dunn and her former live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins. The affidavits also detailed failed polygraph tests by both of them and a sordid reading list of articles about murder and other other topics.

Clint Dunn, however, said he?s known Billie Dunn for 20 years, and he said he doesn?t think she would hurt their child.

?It scares me to death,? he said. ?I didn?t sleep last night. I read the KTXS story a half dozen times.?

At Billie Dunn?s house, a woman who answered the door said Billie Dunn would not be speaking to KTXS.

Connie Jones, Clint Dunn?s mother and Hailey?s grandmother, was asked whether, in her gut, she thought Hailey was alive. She replied, ?No.?

However, she added she?s not giving up hope.

Clint Dunn said he was traveling to Odessa to check out a lead he?d heard about Hailey.

Residents in Colorado City also were not giving of hope of finding Hailey. One group of volunteers was searching a lake north of the area, but nothing unusual was found.

Residents in Colorado City said Wednesday that the mood had shifted significantly since the news broke about the law enforcement?s information about Adkins and Billie Dunn.

Some indicated that they now had heightened fear for their own children in the aftermath of the news.

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