Colorado City and Snyder Landfills Searched For Missing Teen

ABILENE, Texas - The FBI and cadaver dogs searched the Colorado City and Snyder landfills Thursday.

As of 5:15 p.m. Thursday night, when we spoke with City Manager Pete Kampfer, he says investigators have not reported back if the landfill searches were productive.

However, he says if they would have found something substantial, he would probably know by now.

But what drove authorities to check here for the 2nd time, is not being released, "They did, in their minds, have a reason to go back and go back over it again." remarked Kampfer.

Last Friday, crews spent the day digging in Abilene's landfill. It's unknown what evidence, if any, they found.

Colorado City City Manager Pete Kampfer says Colorado City's landfill is not the only one they'll sift through this week, "To my knowledge, they are going to do multiple searches in landfills and they may be in the area they may be outside in the region."

He did not know if investigators had a specific reason to keep checking the area's trash.

As for the only named suspect in the case, Billie Dunn's former live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins, Kampfer was not sure if he's still staying with a relative in Dunn, "That I do not know."

When we asked him if Adkins is being watched, he replied, "I know that he is being monitored." He added that since Adkins hired a lawyer, he has not cooperated with law enforcement.

Adkins' lawyer told KTXS Wednesday, Adkins has volunteered all the information he knows to authorities.

Thursday, we did speak to a representative from Child Protective Services. Wednesday, we reported Hailey's older brother David was removed from Billie Dunn's home. Thursday, CPS would not confirm if they are investigating the family.

However, a spokeswoman did say there are instances when CPS is investigating a family that they ask the family to place a child voluntarily outside the home pending the outcome of that investigation.

Wednesday night on the Nancy Grace Show, Billie Dunn said her son David is staying with an uncle.

We tried again to talk with Billie, however since KTXS first released the affidavits the showed disturbing information about Billie and Shawn, she has refused an interview.

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