Colorado City police chief resigns

KTXS News Anchor George Levesque By George Levesque, Managing Editor/Anchor,
POSTED: 9:21 PM Aug 01 2013   UPDATED: 2:46 PM Aug 02 2013
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Colorado City Police Chief Roy Owens has resigned for family reasons.

City Manager David Hoover said Owens wife has been in San Angelo taking care of relatives.  Now, their health has gotten to the point where Chief Owens is needed to help as well.

Chief Owens resigned, saying he was away from Colorado City too often to continue his job. 

Owens took over running the Colorado City Police Department in 2011, shortly after the disappearance of then missing teen Hailey Dunn.  Dunn's body was found in Scurry County March 26.  The remains were identified April 26.

Hoover  said, " We wish him the best and hope everything turns out well for him and his family."