Community Helps Remodel Home For Paralyzed 16-Year-Old After ATV Accident

TUSCOLA, Texas - Sixteen-year-old Jacob Reicheneker, paralyzed recently in an ATV accident, displayed a positive attitude as he spoke to KTXS on Sunday in his first public address since the accident.

Jacob is still recovering at the Hendrick Rehabilitation Center, but the 16-year-old's attitude has been inspiring to many in the community.

Jacob said he doesn't have time to feel sorry for himself and is just ready to get back to living his life.

Only days after Jacob's dad, Alan, was told his son may never walk again, he went right to work building a ramp and new bedroom for Jacob in their home.

When news of the new construction spread, many have pitched in to help: friends, companies and the community.

Some are calling this the Taylor County "Extreme Home Makeover" with a new ramp and whole new edition being added to the home in just over a week.

The family has been overwhelmed with the support.

Alan Reicheneker said they have been working around the clock laying the foundation, putting up walls and designing the entire room so Jacob will have complete access to everything inside the house.

This last week, Jacob's school raised $31,000 for the 16-year-old, and Reicheneker says he is already making plans with his buddies to go hunting.

"The way I see it is: Why be negative about it?" he said. "I mean, it ain't changing nothing, only bring your spirit down. Might as well be positive, have fun while you can."

Doctors say Jacob will remain in the rehabilitation center for another two weeks before he can return home.

Alan Reicheneker said there is a very special homecoming for Jacob in the works.

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