Abilene Police: Husband arrested for allegedly pushing wife down, choking her

From Abilene Police Department spokesman George Spindler:

At about 7:20 p.m. Monday, Officer Joshua Davis responded to a disturbance in progress at a residence in the 1100 block of South 14th Street. A female victim notified APD dispatch that she had just been physically assaulted by her husband. Officer Davis contacted the involved parties and learned that the victim's common-law spouse had allegedly pushed her to the ground and restricted her airway during a physical altercation. Injuries consistent with the allegation included redness to the victim's neck and scratch mark's to her abdomen. A records check also confirmed that the subject had two outstanding municipal warrants. The subject was arrested on the warrants and for felony Assault (family violence).

At about 8:15 p.m. Monday, Officer William Allred responded to a burglary involving a vehicle at a business in the 4100 block of Buffalo Gap Road. A victim had notified APD dispatch and reported that that his vehicle's window was busted out and that his wallet was stolen from his Chevy Trailblazer SUV while parked at his place of employment. At about 8:50 p.m., Officer Chris Volirakis responded to a burglary call at a business in the 4100 block of Ridgemont Drive. An employee at the business notified APD dispatch and reported some suspicious behavior involving a male subject he observed walking away from a pickup truck after hearing a "pop" noise. The subject's description and direction of travel were provided to APD by the observant employee. That important information was also communicated to Patrol Division. The employee also reported seeing the man holding what appeared to him to be a purse. Officers quickly responded and contacted the subject after locating the subject hiding under a vehicle in a parking lot in the 4100 block of Ridgemont Drive. The investigation revealed that four witnesses had seen the subject running while holding a purse and that a Chevy Silverado pickup truck had its window busted out. The investigation revealed that the subject was in possession a wallet taken in the burglary of a motor vehicle involving the Chevy SUV that occurred sometime earlier. The investigation also revealed that the involved Chevy Silverado had its window busted out and the victim's purse was stolen from this vehicle. The subject was linked to both burglaries and the purse was recovered. Estimated damages to the involved vehicles was in excess of $2,000. A records check revealed that the subject had previous theft convictions. The subject was arrested and booked on three felony charges: Theft (2 counts) and Criminal Mischief.

At about 9:45 p.m. Monday, Officer Andrew Valdez conducted a routine registration check on a vehicle and the records check revealed that the vehicle was associated to a subject with active warrants. Officer Valdez observed a female subject inside the involved vehicle in the 600 block of Clinton Street and the subject matched the description of the fugitive. Officer Valdez contacted the subject and the subject identified herself verbally. Officer Valdez' suspicions were confirmed when he realized that the information provided by the victim was not probably not her identifying information. Officer Valdez again asked the subject to identify herself truthfully and she then provided another name. The investigation revealed she had lied about her identity before finally providing her true identity. The subject was arrested and a search revealed she was in possession of a small quantity of marijuana. A records check confirmed that the subject had several active warrants for the following offenses: felony theft and misdemeanor traffic related warrants. The subject was arrested on the warrants and for two additional misdemeanor offenses: Failure to Identify and Possession of Marijuana.


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