Abilene police: Suspects sought in string of thefts from ATMs

ABILENE, Texas - Police are searching for those involved in a string of thefts from ATMs at Abilene convenience stores.

In a news release, Police Chief Stan Standridge said similar thefts from ATMs have occurred elsewhere, including in Wichita Falls. In 2010, Abilene police arrested three when similar thefts occurred.

Standridge said thefts from ATMs occurred at two south side convenience stores on Dec. 13 and again on Saturday at a store on North Treadaway.

Thieves entered the stores on Dec. 13 by prying open the front doors, the news release said. They then took undisclosed amounts of cash from the two stores.

On Dec. 21, police were dispatched to the convenience store on North Treadaway. Suspects fled after reportedly stealing cash.

"A perimeter was quickly established," the news release said. "However, due to heavy rain, a K-9 was unable to locate any of the suspects. Follow up investigation revealed the suspects had entered the ATM and stolen cash at this third convenience store.

"… Because Abilene police have the suspects' vehicle in custody, many leads are being followed up on."

Offenses such as the ATM thefts range from state jail felonies to 2nd-degree felonies, which carry a maximum of 20 years imprisonment.

"However, there is a possibility of a federal nexus, so all offenses will be vetted with the FBI and the federal assistant United States attorney based in Abilene," the release said.

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