Abilene teen who shot, killed friend in 2011 sentenced to two years in jail for violating probation

ABILENE, Texas - A 19-year-old Abilene man on five years probation for shooting his 16-year-old friend to death received a sentence of two years in state prison Thursday for violating that probation.

Joseph Fowler received the sentence after testing positive for drugs and being a minor in possession of alcohol while on probation.

Fowler was arrested four days after he was sentenced to probation for shooting and killing teen Michael Huffman in January 2011. Fowler reportedly recklessly handled a gun when it went off and killed Huffman.

When Fowler was originally sentenced to five years probation, Distict Judge Thomas Wheeler told Fowler to stay away from alcohol and drugs while on probation and to and pursue his .

Fowler's mother, Rochelle, took the stand Thursday and said her son was at home with her the whole weekend after he was put on probation and that couldn't have violated probation.

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