Deceased Hawley woman's family believes personal items were stolen from accident scene

Family of dead women claims personal items stolen from her crash site

ABILENE, Texas - A crash that killed a woman from Hawley has her family wondering where some of her personal items went.

The family of Marla Clark is not only dealing with her sudden death, but they also believe some of her personal items were stolen at the accident scene.

Clark's family says her driver's license, along with her debit card, a checkbook and cash were no longer in wallet when police arrived to the accident scene.

Clark was killed Saturday afternoon in a two-car accident in northwest Abilene.

"I think that somebody obviously saw what happened and saw the wallet and picked it up real fast, opened it and saw real fast that there was some cash in there, grabbed her license and then tossed it right back so the police could find it," said Clark's son, Caleb Beasley, 18.

The family is pleading to have the items returned.

"I just don't see how somebody could do this to someone like that," Beasley said. "You could tell it was an awful accident and that should be the last thing on your mind, needing to steal something."

The family filed a police report.

Abilene police declined to comment on camera.

Police said no leads presently exist and that the case will be extremely difficult to solve.

However, if the property stolen is used to commit fraud, then they might get a lead.

So far, her family said, there's been no activity on her accounts. Marla Clark was a single mother.

A benefit account has been set up to help with moving costs for Clark's sons and other general expenses.

Her children are moving in with their aunt.

The account is at the First Financial Bank of Abilene under account number 01120032261.

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