Pay hikes sought for Brown County Sheriff's Department employees

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Budget talks are underway in Brown County and this is the fourth year that the Brown County Sheriff's department has requested a salary raise for their employees, especially their jailers. 

"Over the last couple of years we've lost some outstanding employees just because we can't retain them because of what they're making," said Chief Deputy Bobby Duvall.

The Sheriff's office is requesting a 7% increase on salaries for all employees. The jailers salary, however, are at $24,000 and Sheriff Grubbs is asking for it to be elevated to $27,000 and then $30,000 after first year of completion.

"You have to find a special, very durable type of employee that can handle that job back there," said Duvall.

Sergeant Melanie Dees has worked at the Brown County jail for 10 years and states each day is unpredictable. 

"To say that were glorified baby sitters is totally wrong. It's way more than baby sitting and anyone that would make such a statement as to that is because they haven't walked through these walls and observed what we go through," said Dees, "we have to deal with a lot here and you never know what you're going to deal with."

The Sheriff's Department presented their request to the commissioners on Monday. Now they are waiting for an additional meeting that has yet to be scheduled to hear their answer.

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