Update: Clyde man, 36, arrested for 2011 Abilene murder

ABILENE, Texas - A Clyde man who once turned himself in on a lesser charge now faces charges to include murder and manslaughter in a 2011 Abilene case.

Jimmy Pardue, Jr. was found unresponsive in a field off of Windmill Circle in south Abilene July 19, 2012. He was later pronounced dead at Hendrick Medical Center and an autopsy showed the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to his head.

Michael Heuermann, 36, originally turned himself in on a warrant for aggravated assault the next day. A sealed indictment on Heuermann was issued Sept. 13, 2013 for murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence charges.  Deputies with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office arrested Heuermann Monday night. As of Tuesday afternoon, he sits in the county jail with bail only set for the murder charge at $150,000.

Heuermann allegedly told authorities during questioning that he had "badly beat an individual at the Sentinel Motorcycle Club," a bike club that Pardue's girlfriend said the two men were at the day prior to Pardue being found in a field.

According to an arrest warrant, a search of Heuermann residence led to bloody clothing being found.

Cory Baker, who works at Choice Medical Supply next door to the field vividly remembers the day Jimmy was found.

"You hate to see anybody just kind of left like that--nobody to try to care for them or anything just kind of left abandoned right there on the side of the road," Baker said. "It's not a very pleasant scene."

He said a driver for the medical supply company noticed Jimmy's body and employees called 911. Baker has a history of emergency room experience and said he knew Jimmy was still alive when they found him; however, he was unconscious and had suffered grave injuries.

"[He was] bruised and bloodied and obviously had been in a very serious--either accident [or] hit by a car or badly beaten--we didn't know really what it was just so much damage, we didn't know what had happened," Baker said.

Pardue's father said he will always miss his beloved son. 

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