Promethean boards can be described as engaging, effective and interactive tools inside of the classroom.

"This is the way kids are learning," East Elementary Principal Nanda Wilbourn said. "They actually can go up, and they have a pen, and they touch the board and they're able to make numbers or letters or sets move."

Wilbourn said there are currently four classrooms at East Elementary that utilize Promethean boards, which are effective tools to engage students.

"The more that they're able to touch it, move it, be involved with it, be a part of it, the more they own that learning."

They also provide a fun learning environment for students.

Third grader Kali Alvizo said the Promethean board is mostly used for reading in her class, which is why that is her favorite subject.

"I like getting up out of my seat and walking up to the board," Alvizo said. 

Wilbourn said the goal is to eventually get a Promethean board for each of her 18 classrooms, but that will take time because they are expensive. According to Wilbourn, it costs about $4,400 per board. The school currently has about $17,000 to spend for that, thanks to successful fundraisers.