Final countdown to Mission Thanksigving

Final countdown to Mission Thanksigving

ABILENE, Texas - It's the final countdown to Mission Thanksgiving. A day when thousands of people donate clothes, food and other items for the homeless.

Love and Care Ministries and Arrow Ford are working hard to prepare for the big day on Friday.

Arrow Ford has already received six truck loads of items. More than 300 cars were lined up in the Kmart parking lot all to prepare for Mission Thanksgiving.

"The Kmart parking lot they graciously donated," General Manager Shanna Kevil at Arrow Ford said. "They normally charge for that."

Employees at Arrow Ford started at 8 a.m. on Thursday to make room for trailers.

"We've moved cars all morning," Kevil said. "We had about 30 sales people out and running cars back and forth."

Love and Care Ministries has also been moving trucks. Last year, they had more than 14 trailers of donated items.

"It's just a long process today to get it set up and ready to go," Terry Davis Dir. of Ministries at Love and Care said. "We're just excited to see what tomorrow is going to be like, we know that our community does such a wonderful job of helping us out."

Don't forget the KTXS crew will be out helping along with all the volunteers.

Love and Care needs all the donations they can get. There are 300-400 plus people who are homeless on the streets in Abilene.

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