Every other week on KTXS This Morning we'll be checking in check in with the folks at Hendrick Health Club to get answers and advice on exercise and nutrition.

Regan Burks and Levi Pate are fitness and nutrition coaches who will share with us their expert advice as we jump into what we're calling Fitness Fridays. If it's been years since you've exercised, here's what they say to do first:

1. Talk to your doctor. Yes, age old advice that you've likely heard before. But Burks and Pate say it's something you should do.

2. Focus on your core strength, balance, and stretching. "If one just went to jump into a boot camp or something really intense before we every build that foundation, those core muscles... There's going to be a high risk for injury," said Burks.

3. Meet with a trainer; even if it is just one session, Burks explains they can save you time and money by showing you the most effective ways to reach your goals. Also, she says don't be shy to ask the trainer for their credentials. "I think it's a compliment when someone asks you, hey are you certified in anything...it's not going to offend us!" said Burks.

Burks and Pate suggest looking for trainers who have certification from some of the major groups in the U.S., such as ACE, the American Council of Exercise, NASM, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and NSCA, the National Strength and Conditioning Association.