Former New York Giant and Super Bowl champ hosts free youth camp

Former New York Giants and Super Bowl Champ hosts free youth camp

ABILENE, TX - After a four-year career in the NFL, and even a Super Bowl ring to boot, former New York Giant Michael Johnson is giving back to his community in the only way he sees fit; and that's teaching youngsters about the game he loves.

Johnson held a free football camp Saturday morning at D1 Sports in Abilene, where the topic was football, but also about developing a positive self-image and encouraging self discipline to be taken far beyond the football field. His foundation, the Michael Johnson Foundation, put on the event with help from sponsors to make the camp free for kids ages 10-12. For Johnson, his way of giving back is just a reinforcement of positive messages attained in everyday life.

"It's great to have these things at home, but it's even better to show kids that these are things you can actually achieve for yourself," said Johnson. "When they get to actually physically see it and put their hands on it, I think it can get their mind going a little bit and you know, all the parents I'm sure have a good message, but when the kids hear it from somebody else, it kind of reinforces what the parent was already giving them, so it kind of gives them an incentive to listen to their parents, to listen to their teachers, and listen to their coaches."

Johnson and his foundation hope to return to D1 later this summer, for another football camp, featuring more position-based drills for older campers.

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