ABILENE, Texas -

Those close to Kayla Bunting reflected on her life and their friendship Thursday.

Killed Wednesday morning, Bunting was a mother of two – a 2-week-old boy and 4-year-old girl.

Former employers and close friends talked about their loss after the biological father of Bunting's two children – 23-year-old Chevayae Magic Johnson – shot Bunting in the head, killing her, while she was holding her infant child.

"I woke up without a best friend," said Margaret Martinez, a friend of Kayla's for 11 years. "You know, I thought about what my life is going to be from here. Who is going to help me pick the most important things, who is going to be my maid of honor?"

"There's so many people praying for her and thinking about her and the family," said Sarah Sonnen, a former employer to Bunting. "I know she has a very strong knit group of girls that she is very close to and the whole town is very sad."

Kayla's friends also added that collectively they have lost three other friends since high school.

Martinez said friends are using Kayla's own advice that she gave them during their other losses to get through the tough time of her passing. She also spoke about the status of Kayla's children.

"Those kids are going to miss their mom," Martinez said. "But they are going to know who she was, and how great she was. I think that through this they are going to find strength."