Frontier Texas Gets "World's Largest Buffalo Skull"

ABILENE, Texas - Frontier Texas is calling their newest 4,000 pound outdoor sculpture the "world's largest buffalo skull".

The distance from one tip of the buffalo horn to the next curves a span of 26 feet. It was designed so that children could crawl inside through the eyes of the skull.

"It's still a piece of art," said Jeff Salmon, Executive Director of Frontier Texas. "It's not exactly to the level of a piece of playground equipment so it's not exactly perfect for kids but we believe it is safe to climb through and climb out of."

The $15,000 sculpture was funded by the T & T Foundation. Some people said there's no better place for it to be.

"Frontier Texas was actually the site of the buffalo bone pile and there were thousands and thousands of buffalo killed in this area in the late 1870's," said Kim Snyder, the Frontier Texas Board of Directors President.

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