GALLERY: Controversial south Abilene liquor store stocking shelves (7 photos)

POSTED: 8:34 AM May 07 2014   UPDATED: 8:46 AM May 07 2014

A controversial liquor store on Abilene’s south side has begun stocking its shelves – and now plans on opening this weekend at its location on Rio Mesa Drive. FILO Liquors was at the center of recent controversy when residents of a nearby neighborhood protested its location, which delayed its liquor license from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Residents feared the store would decrease the value of their homes and increase crime and traffic in the area. But FILO Liquors co-owners Jim Cockfield and Chris May say the concerns are unfounded and that they plan to be an upstanding, contributing, taxpaying Abilene business.

Photos by Joe Fry/KTXS News

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