ABILENE, Texas -

Thursday, George P. Bush, who is currently running in the republican primary for Texas Land Commissioner made a stop at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo.

Bush has spent time campaigning for his uncle former President George W. Bush and even spoke at the 1988 Republican National Convention at the age of 12 when his grandfather was nominated for president, but this time he is campaigning for himself.

Bush said it doesn't hurt to have two former presidents in your family, especially when they are Bush’s and you live in Texas, but he says he doesn't want to run on their legacy.

"I obviously love my family come to them for advice but in my race I'm talking about Texas Land Commissioner and why I'm the most qualified candidate for this office," said Bush.

Why does he say he is the most qualified candidate?

"I was a public high school teacher, I've been in the oil and gas business, been in business since graduating from law school, and I'm also the only military veteran that's actually served in the military, wears a uniform, been in a combat zone," Bush said.

Bush said helping veterans is his number one priority.

"We’ve got to do a better job in the public sector and the private sector creating opportunities for our veterans," said Bush

Is he aiming for a presidential run one day? Bush said right now he's focused on the land commissioner position.

"This is something that I'm excited to do on a daily basis for so many different reasons and I'm passionate about this and we'll see what the future holds," said Bush.

Bush is running against Republican candidate David Watts. That primary election will be held on March 4, 2014.

John Cook is the only Democrat running for Texas Land Commissioner.

Jerry Patterson, the current land commissioner, is running for lieutenant governor.