GOP candidate for governor visits Abilene

KTXS News Anchor George Levesque By George Levesque, Managing Editor/Anchor,
POSTED: 9:04 PM Aug 27 2013
Tom Pauken
ABILENE, Texas -

A longtime Republican running for Governor made a stop in Abilene Tuesday.

Tom Pauken met fellow Republicans at a reception at Enrique's Restaurant.

Pauken is a veteran, former Chairman of the Republican Party, and most recently chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission.

He spoke to supporters about his rival, Attorney General Greg Abbott. Pauken says his advantage is not being entrenched in the Austin political scene. "I just think there's too much power of the Austin insiders and the big money folks", said Pauken. "And we got to get back to representing the grassroots, forgotten Texans, middle-class taxpayers who don't have lobbyists in Austin and aren't looking for loopholes in the law."

Pauken will continue his tour of West Texas with a stop in Midland on Wednesday.