Hamlin residents: Sewage backing up into homes for nearly a month

HAMLIN, Texas - Many people in Hamlin said they have had sewage back up into their homes over the last three weeks.

"We've had some black backup in our rooms like the bathroom and overflow the commode," said Jessie Ledesma, who spent $900 to get his pipes fixed after sewage backed up into his house.

People in the area said the sewage has a strong gaseous smell.

"The gas was to where you couldn't even hardly breathe and it would make your throat real dry," said Ledesma.

Several people said they think the gas had made them sick.

"Me and my wife have been sick. She got sick here about 3 weeks ago and that's about the time the smell started coming in the house," said Ledesma.

"It is so bad it cuts my wind off. I had to open the doors to let it air out. So it really scares me," said Joe Anderson who says the gas smell in his apartment is so strong it wakes him up at night. 

The City of Hamlin said there was a problem in a few neighborhoods after a sewer main backed up. They said they have since flushed the line and fixed the problem. However, people in those neighborhoods said they are still having issues.

"If it's a problem fix it. If it's not, come see why we're getting gas in our houses," said Ledesma.

The City of Hamlin said if they keep receiving calls they will investigate and work to resolve the problem. They said sewer gas can actually make you sick if you are exposed to it for a prolonged period of time in a confined space. You can call them at (325) 576-2711

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