Job seeker looks for work despite learning disability

POSTED: 7:33 PM Sep 24 2013   UPDATED: 7:33 PM Sep 24 2013
ABILENE, Texas -

Finding work can be hard, especially with a disability.

The Abilene Reporter-News held a job fair at the Mall of Abilene. Hundreds of people came out seeking their next opportunity.

Ida Cooper grabbed every application the job fair had available. Cooper has been out of work for four months and life hasn't been easy. She said she wants another shot at working and to be treated just like everyone else.

"It's very hard," Cooper said. "Especially with my situation that I have right now. Not having a car. I lost my car after three years and {now I'm} taking buses."

On top of these woes, Cooper has a learning disability. She's adamant about not letting that get in her way or letting that stop her from working.

"I do have some problems so I'm trying," Cooper said. "If somebody could accept them as I am {that would be great}. It's hard for them to know what I can do."

After a successful conversation with the Taco Bueno restaurant, Cooper sat down for a first round interview with the recruiter.

"She's one of those people that we like because they interact with the guests and guests like that," Taco Bueno recruiter Anna Sigala said. "She's someone that we would hire, because she wants that 15-20 hours a week that's really difficult to fill during the daytime so she's one of those candidates, a good candidate, so that's what we look for."

Cooper feels optimistic about her interview. "She's going to call me and let me know. So that's a good sign."

Sigala said the next steps will be setting up a second round interview with Cooper.