Layoffs Hit Teachers Across Big Country

ABILENE, Texas - Early Tuesday, Wylie ISD took action to terminate one P.E. teacher's contract.

They say P.E. is over staffed and with Texas lawmakers possibly cutting $4 million from Wylie's budget, they have to trim wherever possible.

"Anytime you have to deal with job or staff reductions its always hard," commented Ray Templeton after the meeting.

But hard decisions are being made all over the Big Country.

Eastland ISD has had to let two teachers go.

Gorman ISD has terminated nine contracts, and as KTXS reported Monday, Abilene ISD had to lay off 14.

Though other districts say they're able to avoid letting anyone go, they are still making personnel cuts through attrition.

At this time, all their attrition numbers are estimates, as school trustees impatiently wait for Texas lawmakers to adopt a budget.

Templeton says it?s a frustrating time right now, "I'm very frustrated, because there's just so much indecision down there (in Austin) and we have so many of our people we are having to think about and make decisions on assumptions."

Greg Rake, President of The Association of Texas Professional Educators in Abilene, says that having fewer teachers will hit classrooms hard, "I think the teachers left are going to face larger class sizes, there's going to continue to be rigorous demands on academic performance and testing and with those brings challenges to meet each individual child's needs."

Rake says teachers are saddened by the forced cut backs, and the worst of it is the tough decisions are far from over.

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