Local mugshots: From Abilene, the Big Country (356 photos)

POSTED: 12:24 PM Jul 27 2011   UPDATED: 1:55 PM Apr 27 2012

Here are mugshots of area people who have run afoul of the law recently.

Heath Robert Snyder
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Heath Robert Snyder, 36, of Abilene, was convicted by a Taylor County jury during September 2014 for online solicitation of a minor after defending himself in front of the jury, saying he had been set up. According to documents, Heath Robert Snyder was found guilty of second-degree felony online solicitation of a minor under the age of 14. Snyder told the jury he knew he had been set up and he was purposely caught by police to prove a point that the sheriff's office was entrapping people. The incident happened back in June 2012. Snyder was caught during a sting by the Taylor County Sheriff's Department for an undercover online investigation, documents show. Detectives set up a fake profile of a 13-year-old girl named Sally Anderson. Snyder sent a text message to "Sally" giving his name on June 4.


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