Local mugshots: From Abilene, the Big Country (317 photos)

POSTED: 12:24 PM Jul 27 2011   UPDATED: 1:55 PM Apr 27 2012

Here are mugshots of area people who have run afoul of the law recently.

Brandie Beaschochia
64 / 317

An Abilene housekeeper was arrested during April 2014 for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from the homes she cleaned. Police contacted suspect Brandie Beaschochia, 43, at her home on Sycamore Street and said she consented to an interview about the case at the Taylor County Law Enforcement Center. She allegedly stole $18,000 worth of jewelry from the houses she cleaned and allegedly confessed to selling the jewelry to a local gold buyer. The store was not named in the arrest report.


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