Local mugshots: From Abilene, the Big Country

POSTED: 12:24 PM Jul 27 2011   UPDATED: 12:45 PM Oct 20 2015

Here are mugshots of area people who have run afoul of the law recently.

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Nicholas Covington, 20, of Tuscola was arrested during November 2014 in connection to the murder of Jacob Pinner in October. According to the Taylor County Sheriff’s office, Covington, Lacy Nann Berry, Mickey Butler, and Jason Kilough were all mentioned in details of the murder of 42-year-old Pinner in October in Callahan County. It also stated that Berry, who transported Pinner to the hospital, had gotten into a fight with him at their home. Berry then reportedly dropped Covington off at the house and left to pick up Kilough. Upon her return, she says she found Pinner barely breathing, with blood on their front porch. After allegedly loading Pinner into the bed of a truck with the help of Covington and the other men, she dropped him off at Abilene Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.


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