Local mugshots: From Abilene, the Big Country (224 photos)

POSTED: 12:24 PM Jul 27 2011   UPDATED: 1:55 PM Apr 27 2012

Here are mugshots of area people who have run afoul of the law recently.

Charles Wayne Vernon
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Charles Wayne Vernon, 54, of Ovalo, and a former volunteer minister at the Taylor County Jail, was arrested during February 2015 for continuous sexual abuse of a child. The victim, now 20, reportedly came forward in January, claiming Vernon had sexually assaulted her from age 5 to age 16, according to court documents. She gave the sheriff's office a copy of a recording that she said she made when she confronted Vernon about the alleged abuse, a court document shows. On the tape, Vernon reportedly admitted he was a "very bad person back then" and said that he had changed and should receive forgiveness, the document indicates. Details in the document were extremely graphic.