Looters arrested after breaking into 2 sporting goods stores, pawn shop during Hurricane Irma

Looters break into 2 sporting goods...

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida - Fort Lauderdale police arrested 9 people accused of looting three businesses despite dangerous winds and heavy rain from Hurricane Irma.

According to WPLG, the ABC-affiliate in Miami, the looters broke the front window of a Simon's Sportswear, climbed through the hole in the broken glass and came back out with what appeared to be boxes of tennis shoes.

The same group then looted a Footlocker and CashAmerica Pawn Store in the same area, WPLG reported. 

Hours later, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department tweeted that they had caught the looters.

"Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice," said Fort Lauderdale police chief Rick Maglione. "Stay home and look after your loved once and be thankful they are all safe.”



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