LORAINE, Texas -

It's a new day at Loraine ISD!

Hundreds of people lined the Loraine ISD front steps to celebrate the opening of the district's new school. The school district spent the morning in a dedication and shortly after gave tours of the new building to the community.

The 70,000 square foot, $12 million facility will be home to 180 pre-kindergarten through 12th graders. The construction project took almost a year and the new building opened just in time for kids going "back to school" Monday.    

"We know that with a new environment, it's like a new attitude, its like a fresh start," Loraine ISD Superintendent Travis Edwards said.  "The excitement level is up. Everyone is positive and happy. When all of those factors come into play, student progress, student performance is the end result."

Loraine ISD's new principal Melissa Goolsby said that safety was a top priority when the plans for construction were underway.

"All of the building is enclosed," Goolsby said. "We don't have outside buildings that students are going to be going to for classes anymore. Students will come in through the front door, visitors will come in through the front door. All outside doors will remain locked throughout the day."

Recently, the Texas accountability ratings were announced and Loraine ISD ranked as "needing improvement." Edwards believes this new campus will help point the district in the right direction.

"Our goal here is to have 100 percent of our kids on the A-B honor roll," Edwards said. "We don't always meet that every six weeks but that's what we're shooting for.  We want 100 percent of our kids passing whatever state test it is that we're given and that's our goal."

Teachers are also looking forward to a new school year, in a new and fresh environment. 
"We're gonna have a good year, good years and we're so thankful for what we have," Pre-kindergarten teacher Pamela Oatman said. "A new place to live."

"It's really fun cause the facility is really nice and I'm looking forward to having a great school year," Seventh grader Armando Gonzalez said.