Man Allegedly Seen Peeping In Women's Bathroom Stalls Is Arrested

ABILENE, Texas - A man who was wanted as a suspect for allegedly peeping into women?s bathroom stalls in Abilene was arrested Monday morning.

Det. Eric Vickers said that 40-year-old Jeremy Jacques, a Hispanic male born on 10/11/71, was arrested in Sweetwater by the Abilene City Marshal?s Office for an outstanding warrant related to an incident that occurred in Abilene.

According to a statement from Abilene's Police Department, Jacques was "seen spying on women while they were in women's bathroom."

Police say one of the alleged incidents occurred at Abuelo's and the other across the parking lot at Hobby Lobby, meanwhile they're also investigating a possible third event at a location they have yet to disclose.

Jacques was charged with one count of a class C misdemeanor disorderly conduct, but the investigation is still active, Vickers said.

In spite of the nature of his alleged crimes, by law, he only faces low level charges.

Jacques has since posted bail on a $375 bond.

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