ABILENE, Texas -

It's not so much the warmer temperatures as the lack of ice that has people excited about this week's weather.

This past weekend, slick, icy roadways posed hazards to drivers while many were left in the dark when iced up power lines caused outages.

In Mitchell County, tree limbs buckled under the weight of ice that had accumulated Saturday night and Sunday morning.

When we asked how folks enjoyed the cold, we heard mixed reactions.

"I'm glad it's getting over with, I'm a summertime person myself," M.L. Dokey said.

His wife, Susan Dokey, enjoyed the cold.

"This is wintertime, who wants to put a Christmas tree up if it's 100 degrees?" she asked.

The Dokeys couldn't be phased by much this weekend, after getting married last Thursday.

"We're just happy as we can be, so let it snow or do whatever it wants, we're fine" says the Mrs. Dokey.

Others said that the cold was to be expected this time of year and it was wonderful that the ice had finally cleared up.

The reactions might be mixed but everyone seemed excited that the wintry precipitation cleared out in time for Thanksgiving.