Medicine Clean-out coming up this Saturday

POSTED: 3:57 PM Oct 10 2013
Prescription drugs, pills
ABILENE, Texas -

Hendrick Health System and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's School of Pharmacy are teaming up to keep Big Country residents safe. 

They're having a  medication clean-out Saturday, October 12.

Here are the instructions and guidelines as indicated from a news release from Hendrick Health System:

Residents are encouraged to clean out their medicine cabinets and bring unused and expired medications to the event, collection will be from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s School of Pharmacy, located at 1718 Pine St.

Medication should be brought to the drop-off site in its original packaging, if possible. Since the program’s inception in 2012, approximately 9,500 pounds of medication have been collected and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

The event is a result of the combined efforts of Hendrick Health System, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's School of Pharmacy, the Abilene Police Department and the Texas Panhandle Poison Center.

It is recommended that all expired or unused medications be destroyed to avoid accidental poisoning of younger children, as well as misuse by others. Multiple excess medications in the home can also lead to confusion and selection of the wrong medication for the wrong person, or at the wrong time.

All personal information will be blacked out after collection. Oxygen tanks, IV fluid bags and other durable medical equipment such as nebulizers and glucometers, cannot be accepted.