ABILENE, Texas -

Every nine seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten. That’s why each year the Regional Victim Crisis Center hosts an event called “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” in support of ending violence against women.

For the event dozens of men put on high heels and walk down Cypress Street. Why did they do something they've probably never done before?

“I am against domestic violence and I want to put in my part to try and stop it,” said Trevor La Fountaine who participated in the walk.

The event is meant to raise awareness about the on-going issue of domestic violence in and around Abilene.

Lynda Scales experienced that first hand.

"He pulled in behind me as I was driving by and stopped me on the side of the road. We live out in the country. And I was tricked into getting out and he pulled a gun on me and took me out further into the country and I was attacked. I was raped," Scales said.  

Scales said after 24 years she has healed significantly and it was the Regional Victim Crisis Center that helped her through the process.

Scales hopes events like those at ArtWalk help other women get the help they need.

"It can happen to anybody and it does happen to anybody. And just getting the message out there that there is help, there are people willing to step outside of themselves and help people who are hurting and need help," said Scales.