Additional safety lighting will be installed on accident-riddled Interstate 20 at US 84 in Nolan County.

The Texas Transportation Commission recently approved the nearly $424,000 project for the stretch of roadway between Sweetwater and Roscoe.

The lights will go where I-20 meets US Highway 84 in Nolan County.

This is the same location where an overpass had to be rebuilt after it was struck by an 18-wheeler in 2012 and just after it was rebuilt, another 18-wheeler crashed into that overpass and caught on fire. 

The Texas Department of Transportation said this area is dangerous because "there's just a lot going on there."

"You have an interchange and there's also a curve in the roadway, so we have seen quite a few incidents there, especially with the increase in truck traffic over the recent years," said TxDot spokesperson Darah Waldrip.

TxDot believes the project cost is justified.

"Anything that we can do to improve safety, you really can't put a price tag on that," Waldrip said. "And really, in terms of highway construction, that is a reasonable cost for lighting and safety improvement."

The additional mast lighting will be added to about three miles of roadway in the area, but drivers still need to drive responsibly.

"Watch your speed," Waldrip said. "That's probably the number one thing that drivers can do to improve safety."

Willis Electric Co., Inc., of Abilene has been awarded the project and work is expected to begin this spring.

We wanted to know how many accidents there have been in that area.

We reached out to TxDot headquarters and here's what we learned:

Since 2009, there were a total of 110 crashes between mile marker 237 and 239.

6 of those crashes were fatal.

In three crashes, there were incapacitating injuries.

There were 84 non-injury accidents and 2013 saw the most crashes - 39 in just one year, nearly double the amount of any other year.