Almost two inches fell in some spots around Brownwood and the runoff had some roadways flooded.

Some of the usual flood spots like the Vine Street underpass stayed above water but street crews had barricades nearby, just in case.

Others, like Brady Avenue, were covered with shower runoff for a few hours so it had to be barricaded for awhile.

Del Albright, Brownwood Fire Chief, talks about how important it is to stay on the right side of those barricades.

"You see it everyday in weather reports and news reports, that there's always somebody that gets caught in the high water and a lot of times it can be dangerous, there have been a lot of deaths" says Albright.

While there was no need for water rescues in the Heartland today, Albright still wants folks to understand the power of rushing water.

"Even though the cars look heavy, it doesn't take much water, flowing water to actually get some of these cars moving and you might find yourself in a predicament you can't get out of".

It only takes two feet of water to move a 3,000 pound car because the tires can actually act as flotation devices.