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Report: 65 die in China factory explosion

A factory explosion killed 65 people early Saturday in China, according to state news agency Xinhua.

The blast in the eastern Jiangsu Province injured an additional 150 people, Xinhua said, citing officials.

Flames may have ignited dust in a wheel hub...

Ben Carson

Ben Carson moves toward presidential race

Ben Carson is taking a significant step toward a 2016 presidential run by forming a political action committee, CNN confirmed Friday.

The renowned neurosurgeon and a popular figure among conservatives told the Washington Times he chose Houston busines...

Vote here sign

Judge orders new congressional map in Florida

A circuit court judge on Friday ordered Florida's state legislature to redraw congressional district lines before the state's primary in two weeks, suggesting he would be prepared to delay the November 4 general elections in the newly drawn districts...

Marines patrol with Afghan police

Congress did something: Helped 1,000 Afghan interpreters

Nearly lost in the chaotic last few days, the dueling House and Senate gave fast-track approval to at least one immigration bill -- a measure extending 1,000 more special visas to Afghan citizens who have been working for the United States.

Under curr...

Immigration graffiti

Local cops turning down feds' requests

Since April, 117 law enforcement agencies in 18 states have decided to ignore U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests to keep foreign-born people in jail on suspicion they might be undocumented immigrants.

These "detainers" ask local and cou...

Daniel Markel

In FSU professor's shooting, 911 call went awry

A mistake by a 911 dispatcher is the latest twist in a two-week-old mystery -- the killing of a nationally renowned law professor found shot in the head in his own garage.

On Thursday, Tallahassee police released the 911 call made July 18 by a neighbo...

Ebola Bruce Ribner

Hospital prepared to treat Ebola patients

Ebola is brutal. Those afflicted often bleed uncontrollably, vomit profusely, lose function of their kidneys and other organs, and -- in over half the cases recently in West Africa -- die.

So faced with the prospect of coming face-to-face with this t...

Snapchat on phone

Could Snapchat really be worth $10 billion?

"Dumb move." "Zero sense." "Remarkably stupid."

That's just a sample of the reaction last year to news that disappearing-message app Snapchat had turned down a whopping $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook. But with news from Bloomberg this week tha...

Stocks NYSE generic man in headset

Small stocks sink -- bad sign for economy?

Bigger is better in the stock market this year.

The Russell 2000, an index of smaller stocks, is down 4% this year and is trailing the other major market indexes.

It's a surprising turnaround, considering that the Russell 2000 was one the best perform...

Reputable Brands - Procter and Gamble

Procter & Gamble dumping 90 brands

Procter & Gamble is cleaning house.

The nation's largest consumer product company, will be dumping about 90 of its smaller, less popular brands. The move, announced Friday as executives discussed earnings with investors, will still leave the company w...

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broken down car automobile with hood up

Top 10 consumer complaints

The Consumer Federation of America recently released its annual chronicle of the top 10 consumer complaints. Check out which complaints topped the list.

Hamas tunnels

Inside Gaza's secret tunnels

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel says the country's deadly ground offensive won't end until its soldiers destroy a vast network of Hamas tunnels the militants use to try to attack Jewish communities outside the Gaza Strip. Take a look inside the vast tunnel system that has become a focus in the violent struggle between Israel and Gaza.

Children playing, day care

15 best U.S. spots for kids

August is National Family Fun Month. Spend some time with yours at these 15 best U.S. spots for kids.

Angel in hot chocolate mug

Jesus, Mary sighted ... everywhere

From a T-shirt to a cheese doodle -- some people say they've seen the likeness of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and other religious figures in a whole host of places.

MH17 crash3

Malaysia Airlines flight crashes in Ukraine

International monitors from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe reached the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site for the first time in almost a week due to increased violence between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russia rebels near the crash site. Take a look at images from the tragedy.

Ebola, West Africa doctors

Ebola outbreak ravages West Africa

The Ebola outbreak has now killed 729 people in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria since March, according to the World Health Organization. Take a look at images of the ravaged West African region.

1 in 3 Americans have 'debt in collections'

States with the most delinquent debt

Americans have a debt problem, according to a new study. Find out who's the most behind on payments.

Tofu Shinjo McNuggets

McDonald's dishes around the world

McDonald's in Japan has rolled out Tofu Shinjo McNuggets, similar to the Chicken McNuggets here in the U.S. except they are made from a mishmash of minced white fish, tofu and vegetables. Take a look at other interesting McDonald's dishes around the world.

Facebook Messenger app

Facebook's most annoying changes

Facebook has ticked off its users again, this time by forcing mobile users to download its Messenger app. Check out the rest of Facebook's most annoying changes.

MONEY's rating of the four-year colleges that offer the most for the tuition paid. Schools were ranked on 17 factors in three categories: educational quality, affordability, and alumni earnings.

40 best colleges for the money

Money magazine has released its rating of the four-year colleges that offer the most for the tuition paid. Take a look at the colleges that give you the best bang for your buck.


Man accused of threatening to kill president

Man accused of threatening to kill president

In Massachusetts, a man is accused of threatening to kill the President Barack Obama.

Virginia mother dies wasp stings

Pregnant mom of 4 dies from wasp stings

A pregnant mother of four in Virginia dies after being stung by wasps in her backyard.

Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol

American Ebola patients being brought to US

Two American health workers who contracted Ebola while treating patients in Africa are being brought home to the U.S. for treatment.

Clinton says I could have killed bin Laden

Clinton: I could have killed bin Laden

On Sept. 10, 2001 -- hours before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks -- former President Bill Clinton told an audience he had an opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden while he was president, but he passed on the opportunity because 300 others would have died.

Boy Scout claims border agent pointed gun at him

Boy Scout claims border agent pointed gun at him

An Iowa Boy Scout claims a Border Patrol agent pointed a gun at him after he took a photo of the agent. However, surveillance video is causing some to question the story.

Woman trapped in car for 8 days

Woman survives 8 days trapped in car

An Oklahoma woman who was missing for more than a week was found stuck in a car in a ditch. After she was rescued, doctors discovered she had a tumor that caused her to become disoriented and pass out.

Sailor loses leg on aircraft carrier

Sailor run over by F-18 loses leg

A Navy sailor serving on the USS George H.W. Bush has lost a leg after he was accidentally pinned under an F-18. His mother says he's in good spirits and has received several special visitors in his room at Walter Reed Military National Medical Center, including President Barack Obama.

Taiwan gas explosion on camera

Taiwan gas explosion caught on camera

A gas leak in Taiwan kills 24 people as fireballs engulf the city of Kaohsiung, causing death and mayhem.

Ebola outbreak graphic

Ebola fears grow as virus spreads

With the first American dying of Ebola, world-wide fears of the virus are growing.

MH17 crash site

MH17 investigator: We can still smell bodies

International investigators have finally reached the MH17 crash site. And they can still smell bodies.


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