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Couple bed sex

Want better sleep, mood, sex? Cut calories

You're human, so chances are, you're interested in getting more sleep, having better sex and improving your mood.

Martin Shkreli1

Martin Shkreli faces more charges

Martin Shkreli, the ex-pharmaceutical CEO famous for hiking up the price of a life-saving drug, will soon face new charges.

Meningococcal, meningitis

Is the end in sight for meningitis?

Each year, millions are at risk of outbreaks of meningitis that sweep across 26 countries, known as the 'meningitis belt.'

Paul Gatling

Murder conviction overturned for 81-year-old

Paul Gatling leaned on his cane and looked Brooklyn's chief prosecutor right in the eye. The prosecutor, grasping Gatling's arm and speaking softly, offered him an apology.

Harold Nichols

Slain American missionary known for helping others

Harold Nichols was on his way to an impoverished Jamaican community, where he was building a house for a family.

It seemed like just another day for the American missionary.

"He spent all of his days building houses for people, taking people to the ho...

Ticket sales

Major ticket sites asked to help with resellers

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wants StubHub and Ticketmaster to help him crack down on what he says are illegal ticket resellers driving up the price of attending events in New York.

Ocean, sea

World record: Diver plunges 122m into the sea

New Zealander William Trubridge broke his own freediving world record by plunging to a depth of 122 meters in a time of four minutes and 24 seconds.

Iraq Mosul

Navy SEAL killed by ISIS in Iraq

An American service member was killed in Iraq as a result of enemy fire about thirty kilometers north of Mosul, Pentagon officials confirmed Tuesday.

The service member was a Navy SEAL, a U.S. defense official told CNN, though the SEAL's rank is still...

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton Broadway opening night

Tony nominations: 'Hamilton' shatters record

The hit musical "Hamilton" went from being the hottest ticket on Broadway to a record-breaking show Tuesday, scoring 16 Tony Award nominations.

monkeys at Alpha Genesis

19 monkeys escape from South Carolina lab

These lab monkeys apparently didn't need the help of animal rights activists to escape their confines.

Pictures In The News

Indiana primary graphic

Presidential election moves to Indiana

With the number of available delegates dwindling and the parties' national conventions two months away, Indiana's primary is poised to reshape the presidential primary election.

Foster Farms chicken nuggets

Notable recalls of 2016

Several major product recalls have been reported in the United States in 2016. Check our list to see if you could be affected.

blue neon hotel vacancy sign

7 deadly sins for hotels

Hair on the bathroom floor is gross, even when it's your own. It's one of those little things that turns happy travelers into disgruntled hotel guests. Check out the seven deadly sins to hoteliers.

Princess Charlotte, 1 year photo

Britain's royal toddlers in photos

With new photos of Princess Charlotte released as she celebrates her first birthday, check out photos of both her and her royal brother Prince George.

Obamas arrive in Cuba March 20

Looking back: U.S.-Cuba relations

The first U.S. cruise ship bound for Cuba in decades arrived in Havana around 10 a.m. Monday. The seven-day cruise is a significant step toward greater ties between the United States and its communist-run neighbor. Get up to speed on the last five decades of American foreign policy toward Cuba.

Talladega crash main

Talladega Crashfest 2016

They say people go to auto races just to see the crashes. If so, then they got their money's worth at Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama. Officials say 35 of the 40 cars in the race left with some damage.

CSX crash 3

Train derails in DC

A train derailed in Washington, D.C., near a metro station Sunday.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, wedding day

William and Kate celebrate 5th anniversary

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on April 29. Here's a look back at the headlines from around the world when the royal couple announced the birth of Prince George, the heir to the throne.

Donald Trump (file)

Protesters, supporters clash at Trump events

As Donald Trump has emerged as the front-runner of the Republican presidential candidates, increasingly violent protests and demonstrations have plagued his campaign events across the country.

Cereal boxes

America's top 10 best-selling cereals

With Sunday marking the 75th anniversary of the debut of Cheerios, check out where the breakfast classic ranks among America's 10 best selling cereals.



Now you can own a 'woman card'

Instead of playing the "woman card," now you can own one through Hillary Clinton's campaign. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on how Clinton is cashing in.


Venezuelans suffer through long lines

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro decided April 26 to shorten the work week to two days in an effort to save electricity, but people are still suffering from food shortages.

NY teens suspected of hate crimes

NY: Teen suspects in hate crime chanted ISIS

Police look for teen suspects in hate crime attack in New York.


Detroit teacher 'sickout' closes schools

Most of Detroit Public Schools closed Monday due to teacher "sickouts."

Paul Gatling

Prosecutors overturn 81-year-old's murder conviction

81-year-old Paul Gatling was convicted of murdering Lawrence Rothbort in New York in 1964.

Cruz Trump Sanders Clinton

Presidential candidates prepare for Tuesday's Indiana primary

Indiana's primary doesn't usually get a lot of attention, but in the this year's presidential race, it's the center of the political universe.

Harold Nichols 2

Family of missionary killed in Jamaica speaks

Harold Nichols was on his way to an impoverished Jamaican community to build a house for a family but Nichols and another missionary were ambushed and killed.

Osama bin Laden animation

Animation of bin Laden raid

Watch an animation of the attack on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan in 2011.

How elevators changed us

How levitation changed the way we do business

Before Otis, being stuck in an elevator could be a much scarier and life-threatening nightmare. CNN's Rachel Crane explains how Otis elevators reshaped cities to be skyscraper-friendly.

Barack Obama

Obama on the best chance to get bin Laden

Obama reflects on Bin Laden raid on the 5th anniversary of the operation.