Abilene community offers support, love during prayer service for Dr. Brantly

Local church community gathers in support of doctor fighting Ebola

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene community gathered at Southern Hills Church of Christ Sunday to pray for grace, peace and healing for Dr. Kent Brantly, who is battling Ebola.

The Abilene Christian University alumni was safely flown into Atlanta to begin treatment.

Family friend, Gary Green, read this statement from the family to the members of the congregation:

"Even with this past week's horrendous news of Kent's exposure & contraction of the Ebola virus, we have seen & witnessed two incredible things - the power of God who acts on behalf of His people and the love of God's people poured out on Kent's & our families.  The peaks this past week have been incredibly high and the valleys have been equally low but through it all, God has been faithful to show Himself in such powerful ways.  There are so many miracles that we have seen and are seeing that can only be explained as from the hand of God.  On behalf of Amber and our family as well as Kent's family, we are amazed & humbled by the world-wide response in prayer to this crisis.  We cannot share any news of Kent's condition but please know that we believe Kent will be healed and that healing will come from the hand of God.  To say thank you is SO inadequate for what we're feeling!  We are humbled & simply, blown away by the response."

"Our family has experienced such an emotional roller coaster ride with the news the past Saturday of Kent testing positive for the Ebola virus and the birth of our third grandchild on Tuesday and the marriage of Keith & Morgan last night.  We've laughed, cried, screamed in joy, and everything in-between as we've shared together the experiences of the week.  We thank you so much for sharing with us, especially in your prayers, the joys & trials of the past few days.  We have been so touched & blessed by Kent & Amber's partnership with Samaritan's Purse as well as so many in the Abilene Christian University community and Southern Hills church family.  Thank you!"

"Would you please continue to pray for Kent & Amber as well as Nancy and her husband, David, and the people of Liberia, Guinea & Sierra Leone who have been tremendously afflicted and affected by the outbreak of the Ebola virus."

As the community stood in unity during the service, they remembered, prayed and loved a man who, even still, continues to serve.

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