Acclaimed poet disputes allegations of lifted material

NEW YORK (AP) - An acclaimed poet and editor says she will correct any errors in her current book after a critic alleged she had improperly lifted material.

Jill Bialosky said in a statement Thursday that she had "inadvertently" used "fragments" from "common biographical sources" for her memoir "Poetry Will Save Your Life."

On Wednesday, William Logan had alleged in a post on the Tourniquet Review that Bialosky took passages from Wikipedia and other websites without crediting them. One example showed a close resemblance between a section in her book on the poet Robert Lowell and an excerpt from Lowell's Wikipedia page. Bialosky's publisher, Atria Books, issued a statement defending the book and saying any errors would be fixed.

Bialosky's other works include "The Players" and "The End of Desire."

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