Colleagues speak highly of ACU grad battling deadly Ebola

ABILENE, Texas - Dr. Kent Brantly is someone who people admire and look up to. He is a doctor and a missionary doing, what some would say, is God's work.

Fellow missionaries speak of him as a humble, intelligent and good man who only wants to help people.

Brantly, 33, contracted the deadly Ebola virus while working with Samaritan's Purse – an international relief agency – and after he started treating Ebola patients in June.

Brantly decided to go to Liberia last October, and his decision wasn't made in haste.

Dr. Gary Green, ACU's coordinator for the World Wide Witness program, believes this type of work is something that requires a lot of thought.

"No one makes a decision to go to Liberia on a whim," Green said.

Missionary work is highly stressful and sometimes dangerous.

"Psychological studies indicate that the stress most missionaries go through is equivalent to the stress of a surgeon or doctor," Green said. 

The stress experienced by missionary workers is caused by numerous things: Different conversation levels, having to be in a second or sometimes third language and having your family in a sometimes dangerous and unknown environment.

Meanwhile, Brantly remains in critical condition, but in the past 24 hours his family said his condition is improving.

Dr. Chris Flanders, ACU assistant professor of missions, believes if given the chance, Brantly would gladly go on this mission again.

"I think he would have likely come down this path again because it's the path for him that love compelled into him," Flanders said.

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