Dr. Kent Brantly's nephew, ACU student, gives talk on Ebola media blitz

ABILENE, Texas - On Tuesday, an Abilene Christian University lecture hall was packed with students – not to hear a professor but a fellow student speak about his uncle, Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted Ebola.

Brantly Houston, a public relations major, spoke specifically about the media blitz that surrounded his uncle, Dr. Brantly and his family.

Houston was named after his mother's maiden name. His mother is Dr. Brantly's sister.  

Houston talked about how he was able to use his experience to help family members deal with the the media attention after his uncle contracted Ebola.

"The Abilene media was very sensitive to my family here in Abilene so that was good. [There was] a lot of persistence, a lot of calls," Houston said.

On Aug. 21, Dr. Brantly was released from the hospital in Atlanta, where he had been recovering.

He is said to be spending time with his family since.

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