New Colorado City Police Chief Will Meet Challenges With "Fresh Perspective"

COLORADO CITY, Texas - Tuesday was the first day of work for Colorado City's new chief of police Roy Owens.

Chief Owens was sworn in last week but tells us his first day has already been very productive.

"It's been pretty busy so far," Chief Owens said. "I haven't done a whole lot as far as setting things in my office up."

Replacing an interim chief, Owens worked as a patrol officer in the city for a year and says he knows how to lead the seven officers on his staff.

"One of the biggest things I'm interested in is the relationship between the police department and citizens," Owens told KTXS Tuesday.

Colorado City implemented a teen curfew after vandalism in the city increased during the summers. A problem Chief Owens hopes to tackle head on by starting a D.A.R.E, gang resistance, and anti-bullying program in Colorado City's schools.

"Give them the education to protect themselves as they go out into the community as growing adults," Chief Owens said.

But the question on everybody's mind, how will Chief Owens handle the investigation of Hailey Dunn, the 13-year-old Colorado City girl missing since December.

"Visit with the folks heavily involved," Chief Owens said. "See if we can see what's coming-up fresh that we can get a new perspective on."

With the hopes he could give the case some closure, something this town has waited for.

Chief Owens replaced Interim Chief John Bivens who took over just as the Hailey Dunn case broke.

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