ABILENE, Texas -

Lawmakers voted to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling Wednesday night.

Thursday, it will be back to work at government offices that were closed during the 16 day government shutdown. National parks and memorials will reopen and several people will breathe a little easier.

"I think it's a good thing for it to be over I think it lasted longer than it should," said Bea Mayo who has a sister who works in Washington D. C.

Chair of the Taylor County Democratic Party, Ed Conley, said congress needs to learn to compromise.

"We do not need a government shutdown while children play in Washington," said Conley.

Taylor County Republicans said they are upset that the deal didn't include a plan to de-fund the affordable care act.

 "For making a grandstand for 16 days, both sides, we didn't accomplish a whole lot," said Chair of the Taylor County Republican Party Joy Ellinger.

Many people said they are disappointed that the deal to reopen the government will have to be revisited in a couple months.

 "I feel they should do something that's going to go through for at least six or seven years not just January I think that's too short of a time I think they can do better than that," said Mayo.

 "Most everybody I know that has intelligent conversation is totally disgusted with the whole process of the United States Congress doing this sort of thing over and over again," said Conley.

 "The American people and people in Taylor County are sick of it they’re sick of arguing they want something to be done and to be done now," Ellinger said.