Abilene mayoral race is an expensive one

ABILENE, Texas - It may go down as the most expensive mayoral race in Abilene history.

Incumbent Mayor Norm Archibald and two-term councilman Robert Briley have spent a significant amount of money during the campaign leading to Saturday's election.

According to documents obtained from the city of Abilene, Archibald, as of April 30, had spent almost $33,000 on his campaign.

Archibald has served 10 years in the position, and his donations come from a wide variety of well-known Abilene families and foundations.

Briley has spent almost twice what Archibald has spent, totaling almost $63,000 going to campaign expenses. It's not hard to imagine why: It's always an uphill battle getting your name out against a well-known incumbent.

Saturday's election for Abilene mayor has garnered big vote totals too. Early voting ended Tuesday night with more than 4,500 having voted early. Only 2,700 voted in the last city, school election in 2012.

Election Day is Saturday, May 10, with voting from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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