Long-time county commissioner faces challenger

Statler V Harris video

ABILENE, Texas - Will Taylor County voters elect County Commissioner Chuck Statler to his fifth term or will challenger Ron Harris unseat him?

Statler has been county commissioner for precinct 4 since 1998. Ron Harris is a former deputy police chief in Abilene. Here's why each of them said you should pick them:

"I've got experience putting together official Taylor County budgets. I'm a good steward of the tax dollar and I work hard and I get results. And that's because I listen," said Statler.

"I want them to think that this is a guy that gets the job done. He has experience that's long tenured with the Abilene Police Department and groups that always have a need. And most people who call the County commissioners will have needs and I'm the guy that can take care of whatever problem they have," Harris said.

Is Ron Harris the right candidate to take down Statler? Harris said yes.

"I'm very qualified to do this job. I have a lot of experience in administration and with the commissioner's court," said Harris.

"You can't do what I do for as long as I've done it without somebody thinking they can do it better," said Statler.

One thing Harris thinks he can do better is fix up county roads.

"I want to make sure the guys from Precinct 4 are out there and when they're not actually on a task, that they're looking for things that need to be done. You know, get out there and see what's happening instead of waiting for someone to call you and say, ‘this is the problem that I have,'" said Harris.

Statler said when it comes to roads in his precinct, he does the best he can with the money budgeted for repairs.

"The most important thing to me is protecting the people's money," Statler said. 

"I can't say that he's not correct because I'm not out there, but we would want to take a look at it and maybe take a different approach as how we go about fixing those things," said Harris.

Statler has worked on 15 Taylor County budgets during his time in office.

Harris said he has a plethora of experience with budgets from his time at the police department.

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