Transportation, water, education, health care set for 2015 Texas Legislature

There's just over a week now until Texas legislators meet to begin the 2015 session in Austin. The 84th legislative session begins with the Texas House of Representatives convening at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 13.

The regular session is scheduled to last 140 days, with the possibility of 30-day special sessions to follow. Governor-elect Greg Abbott will be sworn in as Governor on Jan. 20, along with Sen. Dan Patrick as lieutenant governor.

We talked with District 71 state Rep. Susan King on KTXS This Morning about what will be big this session.

"One of the biggest obstacles is transportation and roads, and there's money allowed for that now, and water; these are two big ticket items as far as money," King said. "Of course what's really important is public ed, public education funding. We have to look and see what we're going to do with that.

"The court says how we do that is unconstitutional. And then health care - there's lots going on with that. But what will be really interesting to watch is all the new people in charge up there."

If work isn't completed, the governor will call additional special sessions beyond the regular session. Gov. Rick Perry called a total of three special sessions lasting 67 days to pass legislation funding transportation and infrastructure at the end of the 2013 session.

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