U.S. Senate candidate Ken Cope stops by KTXS to discuss views, hot topics

ABILENE, Texas - Tea Party supporter Ken Cope is hoping to defeat incumbent U.S. Senator John Cornyn this election.

This is Cope's first time running for public office.

Although both candidates attended the same college, Cope told us he is a better leader than Cornyn and has the practical experience needed in Washington.

He is pro-life, anti-government healthcare and supports term limits in the government.

Cope said he wants voters to think of him as a loyal Texan when they hit the polls.

"There's only one thing I take with me when I leave this world. It's not blue jeans. It's not cowboy boots and it's not a cowboy belt buckle," Cope said. "It's my integrity. That's what I want to bring back and I want to demonstrate to Texas that there are people with principle integrity still willing to come forward."

Early voting ends on February 28. Election Day is March 4.

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