Problems Close Snyder Splash Pad, City Says Abilene Park Won't Have Same Problems

ABILENE, Texas - The Snyder splash pad is closed due to water and filtration issues.

Recently, The Abilene City Council approved adding a splash park in Abilene at Nelson Park.

KTXS asked the Scurry County Park Manager, Larry Thompson what problems they had with their splash park that was build in 2005.

Thompson said they didn't realize the potential problems they are now facing.

Due to low lake levels and a filtration system -- the splash pad will not be reopening this summer.

"This year we've decided to close down our splash pad, mainly because of the water situation, we're under one percent capacity in our lake," Thompson said.

Low lake levels are not the only problem, the park doesn't have an ultra violet water filtration system.

This system allows ultra violet rays to hit the water, which then discards of harmful bacteria.

"When you have a small child get in their with a dirty diaper, or someone urinates has diarrhea or sickness -- your water is contaminated until the next time you drain your tank," Thompson said.

Kraftsman Commercial Playgrounds & Water parks the company that built the splash pad in Snyder has also been hired to build the one in Abilene.

The difference is they will have an ultra violet water filtration system

"What I understand, there is going to be three sand filtered systems plus the UV ultra light."

The Program Supervisor with the City of Abilene, Anita Vigil said water supply for the Abilene splash pad won't be a problem and she will also be checking the water quality three times a day.

The park manager in Snyder also told us they haven't had any problems with children getting sick.

Here are the details on the splash pad in Abilene.

The 2,920 square-foot splash pad, free of charge, will be located in Nelson Park. The proposal calls for a water park that can accommodate up to 250 people.

Its planned opening date is in July.

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